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Your website or future website is your modern day storefront whether you have a Brick & Mortar shop or provide a service out of your home. Either way, your presence on the internet, whether a small digital footprint or large enterprise level, should work at an optimal level. Without having a “Keyword Rich” presence, it is much like having a beautiful retail location with no lights and no front door. This is where many different variables come into play, SEO being the first and most basic concept to have within your website so that your business can thrive and continue to grow with monthly traffic growth for a vetted clientele.

seo audit

You will receive a detailed Site Audit along with a report of suggested updates to increase your SEO. Your Site Audit is a thorough diagnosis of your current website situation, much like a Medical Report.

Some key items a Site Audit can discover:
Overall Website Structure, On-Page SEO, Image SEO Review, Page Titling, Meta Description, Your Website Speed, Your Local SEO Rankings and more

seo management

SEO is the process of getting a web page to the top of the list that comes up in a web browser after a keyword search. To run effective SEO campaigns there is an immersive research time to get a base understanding of your potential client, what are they searching for when they are looking for the services you provide? Determining that human element is an intense and rewarding process. Your Industry Keywords. What are your Competitors doing and how are they successful? Drilling down to local street to street search within a 3 mile radius to broad nationwide search, we provide this service with a rogue approach to not only help in finding your obvious client but the challenge of bringing in the potential client when they are least looking for you.

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seo project

In some cases, potential clients approach us with a strict budget and just need to tighten things up on their website and small business marketing and are not looking for a long term monthly commitment. Many agencies that provide services we provide have pricing that start in the thousands and require a monthly contract to that fee for 3, 6 and more months. We do provide that service for Brands but we were where you may be now. Doing well but need to push things a bit. Maybe you need some or all of the services we provide but prefer us to audit, suggest and consult and just get you going.

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