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From Google Adwords to Bing to Facebook and Instagram and all the ones in between, we approach each client with a custom curated way to advertise not only from platform to platform but from audience to audience. Within just 1 Advertising Campaign on 1 singular platform like Facebook a business could have up to 25 or more advertisements running to niche audiences. This is not a simple do 1 ad and call it a day and let’s hope. No, we drill down within your target demo and custom design and write copy to that small group of people which hits home for that potential client.

pay per click adverts

PPC – Google Adwords, Bing and more is any time a user sees and clicks on your link via an advertising campaign means you pay for that click or you can pay for that “impression”. That is the bare bones of it. The complexity, vision and risk/reward of your content, placement and other finite details is the game we all play. PPC advertising not only can provide you a large amount of data that you never get from other methods but it also permits you to advertise to extremely specific details. A specific PPC Ad can be as limited as to less than 200 potential users but those users are extremely vetted based on their data that when they see your ad, it makes complete sense for them to not only click on it but be exactly what they may be looking for from you. PPC is different than SEO which often gets compounded into being one service. SEO assists you in ranking high in Search where PPC advertises to potential clients who are searching for the very service you provide.

social media advertising

The monster of Social Advertising. Facebook has nearly 2.25 Billion Active Monthly Users. Nearly 15 years old (yes it’s been that long) Facebook has several different avenues where a business can advertise within. Within each parameter, viewers engage with those individual parameters differently. The data and targeting that Facebook permits is second to none. They also own Instagram and if ever you wanted to be able to find Moms within a zip code who are between the ages of 30-34 who are shopping for tires on a Sunday night…Facebook and Instagram delivers you that data and even more.

Thats not it. We also provide a wealth of knowledge in many other social platforms like: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, GPS Map Advertising, Podcasting and more. Some of which may also be great for your needs, if not all of them.

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