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Special Needs Business
Case Studies Based on 2 Companies That Deal With Autism and Special Needs
Envision Therapy Center and Hope Trust

Envision Therapy Center
Brand and Website Development, SEO and Print / Marketing

Client Background

Envision Therapy Center of NJ

The Envision Therapy Center is a newly opening therapy center in Verona, NJ. All clinical services are being provided by ICDL and will be provided using the DIR Floortime philosophy and approach at its core. The center is focused primarily on providing services to children on the autism spectrum or with other developmental challenges.

envision therapy web development & print design

Hope Trust
Website SEO, PPC Adwords and Print / Marketing

Client Background

Hope Trust

Hope Trust’s revolutionary technology enables you to develop a comprehensive care plan that can be updated anytime, anywhere. When complete, your plan empowers a team of family members, friends and professionals to provide for your loved one during your lifetime and guide your successors thereafter. Hope Trust’s dedicated team can assist you in executing your plan and incorporating it into your trust. Our in-house team of nationally recognized experts in psychology, social work, medicine, law, banking and financial planning work collectively to deliver a truly holistic service. From day to day tasks like paying bills and scheduling doctor’s appointments to managing trust distributions and resolving emergency situations, we are there 24/7/365 to provide a lifetime of support – because We Get It, and once your plan is created, We’ll Get You.

hope trust folder and sell sheet inserts

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