Project Description

Dance Studio in New Jersey | Social Media & PPC Adwords Campaign & Website SEO

PPC Adwords & Social Media Campaign

Overall Concept
This was the results based on the client having a brick and mortar location with a limited amount of geography to pull from. Approximately a 15 mile radius. Ads were created for niche individuals with very specific design, creative and text for a very direct to consumer via Social Media.

The average number of qualified monthly leads

Via Social Media Adverts
• Prior to takeover: 7 per month
• Since takeover average of 124 per month, high of 197 in one month

Via PPC Adwords / YouTube Adverts
• Prior to takeover: 2 per month
• Since takeover average of 87 per month, high of 344 in one month

The average cost per lead $.87

The overall average cost per click decreased 54%

the bottom line

Through a campaign of Social Media advertising, Google Adwords and SEO Website updates, the client overall ranking locally within Google went from 1st page to Top 3 of first page and an overall search ranking from 7.4 to 1.2. Layered with a Social Media campaign the average new client of 3 per month went up to an average over 85 per month within a 3 month window and continues to maintain, if not grow, monthly.

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