From local New Jersey SEO to Broad Reach Search Engine Optimization.

The Importance of SEO

Your website or future website is your modern day storefront whether you have a Brick & Mortar shop or provide a service out of your home. Either way, your presence on the internet, whether a small digital footprint or large enterprise level needs to work at an optimal level. Without having a “Keyword Rich” presence, it is much like having a beautiful storefront with no lights on and no front door. This is where many different variables come into play, SEO being the first and most basic concept to have within your website.

SEO Services We Will Provide

On average we request a 3 month contract to begin seeing small improvements to traffic but do recommend highly a 6 month program. Our monthly fee traditionally range from $1400 to $2500 depending on several factors including your Industry, Keyword Competitiveness and to what level of work needed to achieve results. A monthly report is always provided along with continuous support via email as you need and monthly meeting via phone or at our location. Of course, should pressing matters arise, we are genuinely available as you need. Our Client Support, if nothing else, is our backbone.

  • SEO Website Audit
  • Google Analytics Research
  • Keyword Analysis / Research
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Industry Trends and Movement
  • On-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Backlink Building and Outreach
  • Content Development (ie Articles, Blogs)
  • Full Customized Report
  • Marketing Trends and Tactics
  • Monthly Conversations

So What Does That All Mean?

Let us break it down a bit for those who enjoy the finer details in life. Of course, if you prefer, just Book an Appointment with us and we will gladly go over it with you via phone or in-person at our office within Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ.

WEB DEVELOPMENT If required/requested as a service, we provide full Web Development and Design

SITE AUDIT Much like a Medical Report, this will be provided whether we design a new website for your or not. We check our own work or will check your current web design and provide:

  • Website Structure – We will provide you a detailed analysis of your site structure along with suggestions to increase traffic

  • On-Page SEO – We crawl your entire website and find all individual page issues that may either be over-optimized, under-optimized, have poor HTML and offer suggestions to optimize your website

  • Images – review that your images are correctly saved with proper Keywords

  • Titles / Meta Description – alerts for any improper, lengthy or missing page descriptions

  • Trusted Site – confirm that you are a Trusted website

  • Index Analysis – The amount of pages that Search Engine’s actually show within a search query. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher.

  • Local SEO – Information regarding your website optimization for Local Searches, citations and any other relevant information need to capture potential local clients

  • Site Speed – We will determine your website quality and speed along with suggestions on what to fix. This can be from having to many plug-ins, script/coding that takes a long time to load and typically the biggest problems which are over-sized images not optimized in size creating a long load time for your website.

  • Backlinks – Backlinks are incoming links to your website. When a another website links back to your website, it’s called a backlink. It is a modern day version of going Door to Door which is why Google considers this typically, if not their #1 criteria, a top 3 criteria to your overall ranking.

  • Social Audit – Overall review of your Social Media world and if there are any major red flags

  • Error Pages – Page Not Found 404 Errors

  • Under Utilized Pages – The pages on your website that just linger in the abyss. We detect them and provide suggestions to fix them.

  • Follow Up: Post Audit 30 minute conversation / meeting to review results

GOOGLE ANALYTICS If your website does not currently have Analytics implemented we will set that up for you. From there we can then take a better look as the days and weeks go by to determine who is viewing your website, their locations, where they came from (ie Organic, Social Media, etc), what pages they are entering your website, how long they stay on each page, what page they leave your website and much more. A diagnosis of how to better improve your User Experience, optimize the correct pages and make determinations on how to fix certain pages.

KEYWORD ANALYSIS / RESEARCH The first step of our process involves analyzing the keywords you are interested in and the keywords your competitors are targeting. Ignite SEO experts will aggregate this data and then use specific search optimization tools to generate further keyword options. The final result will be a list of potential keyword segments to choose from.

COMPETITOR TRACKING We research and see what your competition is doing with their Google Advertising, how well they are ranking, what pages are ranking well and an overall synopsis of how that can help improve your ranking.

ON-PAGE SEO & CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Now that we have audited your website, setup/studied your Analytics and determined a solid base of Keywords we move to the next phase of Content Creation for your pages based on using appropriate copy with a healthy dose of proper Keywords but still provided in a legible and sensible way for your users.

LOCAL SEO Going after your niche market within your local market, either with or without a storefront, we can improve greatly the amount of customers that find you locally. We will put you within arm’s length of your surrounding town(s), county and/or state by creating/optimizing your Google + Page, optimize your Google Business Places Listing within Maps, verify your Business if needed and build out linking from there. Even our very own design world here has and continues to go through this process to improve our Local reach within SEO.

BACKLINKS Incoming links to your website. When a another website links back to your website, it’s called a backlink. For example, you write a Blog Post / Article. You then approach another website to post your Article on their website and they do so and include a link back to you. Not easy to always get done. The other hurdle is that due to Google’s amazing algorithm, it needs to be linked from a Website relative to your Article. So there is no writing an Article about New Jersey Weddings and asking a Bagel Shop to put it on their Blog. That actually is considered a Toxic Backlink and ends up hurting your Ranking. So as part of this information, we determine all of your Backlinks you have out there, and there may very well be many you are not even familiar with. We will then “disavow” those backlinks but we will also make suggestions for how to proceed with future backlinking. The reason this process is so time consuming is not only for the reason that a piece of Keyword Rich content needs to be provided but also you need to contact other websites and ask them if they would post your article with a link back to you. Its a modern day version of going Door to Door which is why they are so valuable to Google and your overall ranking. A page with a lot of backlinks will rank higher on all major search engines, including Google.

FULL CUSTOMIZED REPORT We provide full reports and continued research for your website in not only Google Analytics but also with additional, more robust programs that also monitor Google Keyword trends but also your competition’s every move. From their advertising to their Social, we can set you up to succeed and dominate in your niche organic local search market or cast a wide net if you are looking for broader appeal….or both.

MARKETING TRENDS / TACTICS We monitor trends within your Industry, Keywords and overall keep an eye out on your industry but you also play an integral part of this process. Keep us posted, let us know of new things you are doing and seeing. From there we can adjust, edit, update, create and maintain your pages so that they are current in trends and keywords.

MONTHLY CONVERSATIONS We will discuss your reports with you, for the sake of putting it in Black and White we set up a time each month on a regular basis to talk and go over all the information for the month. In truth, we are available…far more often than once a month. You are a client but also a partner of ours and we have an Open Door policy for your convenience.

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