You present advertising within the world of Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and any time a user sees and clicks on your link, you pay for that click. That is the bare bones of it. The complexity, vision and risk/reward of your content, placement and other infinite details is the game we all play. PPC advertising not only can provide you a large amount of data that you never get from traditional methods but it also permits you to advertise to extremely specific details. Any one individual PPC Ad can be as limited as to less than 200 potential users to as large as nationally for brand awareness.

Pay Per Click Advertising

From local New Jersey SEO to Broad Reach Search Engine Optimization.

The Bidding War

Now while it sounds fantastic to be able to advertise to potential clients within a 3 mile radius that have searched for your Wedding services, you have competition. Bidding is part of your advertising. Are you willing to pay for a search query from a user that searches “Wedding Photographer”? Well even if you are trying to reach a small circle around you, that phrase “Wedding Photographer” is such a widely used search query that you may end up paying $32 per user click whereas being more creative and less costly phrases like “Bergen County Wedding Photographers” may have far less an amount of search queries but only cost you $2.25 per click and give you a better ROI from those clicks. A see-saw balance game of determining what, if not both, works best for you and your budget.

Or maybe you prefer CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), not always the ideal choice but this premise may work for someone who is looking for spreading the word by Brand awareness. Here you do not pay per click but rather you pay per impression or view. So while your Ad will be seen typically far more often, you pay for that view. If a user clicks on it or not, let alone even notices it, you pay for that. Granted it is typically a far less cost per impression, sometimes as low as only a few nickels but you pay regardless of any interaction. In essence, if you want or feel like the notion that the more they see it, the better chance they click on it, then CPM may work for you. In some cases for a Business it may make sense to do a combination of both PPC and CPM Advertising.

Choose Your Platform

Most all prominent internet platforms offer both PPC and CPM, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on, the most popular being Google Adwords. We are proficient in all of those mentioned but also on platforms where are less thought of having PPC and CPM like Waze (GPS), Snapchat, Pinterest, Buzzfeed and others. In almost all cases, these platforms permit you to set budgets for your Daily Spend up to budgeting for an entire Advertising Campaign.


The monster of Social Advertising. Facebook has nearly 2.25 Billion Active Monthly Users. Nearly 15 years old (yes it’s been that long) Facebook has several different avenues where a business can advertise within. Within each parameter, viewers engage with those individual parameters differently. The data and targeting that Facebook permits is second to none. They also own Instagram and if ever you wanted to be able to find Moms within a zip code who are between the ages of 30-34 who are shopping for tires on a Sunday night…Facebook and Instagram delivers you that data and even more.


Here’s the truth about your Business Page on Facebook….nobody sees it. Several years ago, Facebook change the overall algorithm to the Personal News Feed by eliminating most all Business Page info. If you have “Liked” a Business Page on Facebook, you won’t see the posts and your Fans won’t see yours unless they actively visit your Page or Select to “Follow” your page and even then not so much on seeing your items. One reason, of many, is that Facebook wanted to avoid the dreaded experience and doom of MySpace. They do not want the user experience to basically be a full line of Ads and Posts from Business’. Doubling down, Facebook also knew then that this would encourage Business’ to proactively become involved with Advertising on Facebook. Those two reasons alone get you today’s Billion Dollar company known as Facebook.

Targeting Your Potential Client
Take a look at just the top level selections you can make if you are a business who is selling Automotive. The photo below shows just the basic selections about users within Facebook. 
From there, some of the Automotive sub-categories are

  • Motorcycle
  • New Vehicle Buyers (Near Market)
  • New Vehicle Shoppers (In Market)
  • Owners
  • Purchase Type
  • Used Vehicle Buyers (In Market)

After you choose that sub-category, even more appear. The level of targeting available based on Vehicle Purchase Intention and/or Behavior is unlike anything available.

Purchase Behavior
This permits us to target for Facebook / Instagram users who have behaviors on the web to determine style of ads we create for those who and are using and may fall under the sub-category of many different variables as showcased below.

  • Business Purchases
  • Buyer Profiles
  • Clothing
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home and Garden
  • Household Products
  • Kids Products
  • Pet Products
  • Subscription Services
  • All Mobile Devices by Brand (target by model owned)
  • All Mobile Devices by Operating System (target by specific OS)
  • All Mobile Devices
  • Feature Phones
  • New Smartphone and Tablet Owners
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Purchase Habits
  • Purchase Types
  • Store Types
  • All Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • Business Travelers (International)
  • Business Travelers (US)
  • Casino Vacations
  • Commuters
  • Cruises
  • Currently Traveling
  • Family Vacations
  • Frequent Flyers
  • Leisure Travelers
  • Personal Travelers (International)
  • Personal Travelers (US)
  • Planning to Travel (Returned from trip recently, use timeshares, used travel app recently)

Add in Zip Codes, Gender, Marital Status, Children, Pets, Movies, Food, Age, Race and much more and Custom Audiences created for targeted ads for an optimal chance of engaging a Facebook user to engage with your Website, Lead Form, other Social Pages, watch a video, make a purchase and more.


With all that said above about Facebook, they own Instagram. So all that data that Facebook retains crosses over into Instagram BUT and there are several of them…but one main difference is user age and gender. Depending on your service, one may be better than the other but both would be smart to use. If your monthly Ad Budget is $1500, depending on your service or product, you may use 70% on Facebook and 30% on Instagram. You may do 4 Ads on Facebook but 8 on Instagram. You may…you may…you may….do many many different ways of advertising but with us, we have many years of experience to know which is the best direction month to month, season to season drilled down to hour by hour.

case study
broadway bound dance center

Average Monthly Leads 7 to Over 150 Leads per Month in a 3 Month Window

Mostly parents but also an inclusion of Grandparents and Guardians with children from ages 2 to 18 who have an interest in bringing the world of dance, fun and relationships through the creativity of dance paralleled with structure. The client is within in a concentrated geography with a maximum 25 mile radius in Northern New Jersey.


  • Gained Google Page 1 Ranking with Top 3 Placement for local search based on Search Queries
  • Average of 5 Leads per Month to over 150 Leads Monthly via Social Media Ads and Google Ads
  • Created Direct URLs based on Town Targeting
  • Overall Site Health SEO Score from 67% to 91%

Broadway Bound Dance Center in Dumont, NJ provides the best of the best in New Jersey Dance Classes which include a great variety of level classes. From beginner Dance Classes which include Twinkling Twos, Kiddie Hop,  Funky Fours, Ballet , Tap and more for your Toddler’s dance lessons. Additional Dance Classes are available for all level Kids, Pre-Teen and Teens, some of which include Pointe, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary and then progress into Glee Kids and Glee Teens, Musical Theatre and Dance Company classes!


  • Graphic Design
  • SEO Copy and Keyword Rich Targeting
  • Targeted Geography URLs
  • Google Adword Campaigns
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Backlinking

Your PPC Client Dashboard

At any point you will be able to view every detail of your Ad Campaigns. We will also send you monthly reports with information about new ideas, what is working, what is not and follow up with a phone or in-office conversation with you.


Facebook and Instagram, the standard for Social Media Advertising. If you own a business you must be on those platforms but what about other less used but powerful niche platforms? Depending on your budget, “want” to expand your advertising, target demo, location and product or service, these other powerful platforms can sometimes make or break your company from being successful to becoming a leader. Below we discuss each of the several platforms and how it could work for you.

Below we will discuss:

• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Linkedin
• YouTube
• Snapchat
• Podcasting
• Waze GPS


With over 560 million users in more than 200 countries, Linkedin is a must to be a part of for any Business. Even if you are just looking to have a polished and professional look to recruit decision makers in other companies that may have interest in your product or service but even more than that, Linkedin permits you to provide Industry related material which can help propel you to be looked upon as an Industry Leader if not in your market, then as a Business Leader overall. We sure do not make Computers but we pay attention to Apple’s leadership and marketing abilities.

User Base:

Linkedin is setup for Business2Business awareness and services for a strategic way to reach Influencers, Decision Makers and Industry Leaders all while creating a professional Branded business for you to become an Industry Leader.


  • Brand Awareness

  • 49% of Decision Makers utilize LinkedIn for Business

  • Great Platform to Encourage Employees to Share Business Posts

  • Great Groups to Join for Engagement and Marketing

  • Direct and Precise Ad Marketing Capabilities


  • Expensive Ad Rates in Comparison to Other Platforms

  • Not Great for Target Demo Under 25 Years of Age

  • 50% of Users use the platform for less than 2 hours weekly

  • A good percentage are simply searching for a new job

  • Lots of Marketing People which means lots of Junk/Sales Pitches


One Hour of Video Footage Is Uploaded to YouTube EVERY SECOND. And you think you have a good YouTube page? If you are not using YouTube as a vital cog to your Business Marketing, you are missing out, missing out to a platform that is not only owned by Google but is the 2nd most used Search Engine. So if you have ever heard of Google and YouTube and wonder if you need to have strong SEO and a YouTube page, wonder no more. 4 BILLION videos are viewed daily spread throughout over 40 countries and 60 languages and you think its just Cat videos? Wrong. YouTube and your YT page and profile with proper SEO is vital to any Brand.

User Base:

Only 1 category unfortunately but fortunately that category falls under “Everyone”.


  • Brand Awareness

  • Absolutely Fantastic to provide a video vault of Education, Resource, How To

  • Explanation of “How To” Use, Make, Build or anything for your service.

  • Free Service. Great Engagement. Great Sharing.

  • Nearly 60% of ALL Internet Engagement Goes Through YouTube


  • If not done properly, Related Videos after yours may not be relevant

  • Related Videos May Showcase Your Competition

  • Video Investment Guarantees Nothing for Sharing

  • You Must Be Persistent With Content

  • Comments / Reviews Are Well Known to be “Negative”


If your target client even slightly touches the Youth, its a must for Brand Awareness. Snapchat is the current “Get Off My Lawn” mainstream app. Adults tend to think its for silly and not so silly disappearing photos and videos. Yes, it is partly that but hardly the majority of it. All Brands that are centric to Pre-Teen, Teens and Young Adults are there, after all the Kardashians live on it. Snapchat is a mobile only app for consumption but for advertising, its Geo Fencing ability is amazing and considering other platforms, it is amazingly inexpensive. In essence, you create a “virtual fence” around a location, building, park, etc in which if a user is in that location, your ad will show up as they are using the app looking for “slides” to place over their photo or video. Locally, imagine a town wide fair, you can mark out that location, set the time for it to appear and when users are their actively using Snapchat, your ad appears. While it ONLY has about 175 Million users, the target demo of Under 25 is strong and the cost of entry is small.

User Base:

Specific to the Under 25 age range, it does have appeal because of its ability to capture “attention” of a user coupled with targeted location based advertising during a specific time, Snapchat has some great appeal that many other advertising platforms cant come close to achieving.


  • Brand Awareness

  • Great for Location Based Advertising

  • Attention Driven Platform

  • Great Discovery Feature for New Brands

  • Inexpensive Advertising Rates


  • No Sharing Ability

  • Mobile Only App

  • Limited Engagement with Brands

  • Posts Are Only Active for 24 Hours

  • Stats/Analytics Are Not Great


Driving Billboards On Your Phone…and owned by that company called “Google”. Waze is a widely used GPS system with Social Engagement that has been around for nearly a decade. Never heard of it? Well, now you have and it works wonders for advertising a Brick and Mortar location especially. For local business, this app works well within location based users. With 100 million active monthly users, imagine a potential customer driving around town, pulls up to a Red Light near your location and your Ad pops up on their GPS screen. Yes, its that easy and Waze takes safety into account by providing Ads only when a vehicle is stopped. Cost of entry to Advertise is very reasonable as well.

User Base:

While Google Maps is still the main form of GPS, one thing about Waze users is that they truly have a Social Community. We have used Wazed for years, the Ads are hardly over-used but always helpful and even provide special discounts and coupons that appear only for Waze users!


  • Branded Map Pins

  • Ads Based on Safety First

  • Ads for Promoted Searches

  • Low Ad Costs

  • Great for Brick & Mortar

  • 1 Click Directions to Your Location

Click To View Image


Nobody cares about your lunch, but you should care about their lunch. Twitter has long been considered dead space but if you are building a Brand or looking to increase visibility, Twitter still remains one of the best used platforms in Social Media. Nearly 40% of users on Twitter use it to follow Brands they use, like or are looking at to possibly purchase from in the near future. While there is a lot of what some consider “noise” on Twitter, those same users are using it find or solidify making a purchase. “Backlinking“, which is one of the top Google SEO determinants for ranking is also another reason to use Twitter which we explain with in more details with clients. Hashtags, Retweets and other buzz words are important as well but some less known attributes that Twitter can provide a company is something we are bullish on and encourage clients to consider.

User Base:

Twitter is genuinely good for any target demo. While it may work better for certain client targets, in general, it works across any and all potential clients and current clients. It is also a great resource to find Industry related material and users.


  • Brand Awareness

  • Build Backlinks

  • Keeps You Current With Trends

  • Provide Customer Service

  • Automation & Analytic Power


  • Your Tweets May Go Unnoticed

  • Requires Constant Attention

  • Its Busy! 340 Million Tweets Per Day!

  • Tweets To You Require Immediate Action

  • Spam Tweets! It happens. You’ll be fine.


Since launching in 2010, Pinterest has gown to over 100 million monthly active users. The essence of Pinterest are Boards and Pins in which a group of Pins make up a Board and Boards make up a user profile with a purchase goal in mind. Based on the numbers, 80% of Pinterest users are women with 95% of them creating the Boards with an intent to buy. The pins are found by Brands who post from their Pinterest page, users follow Brands, find the Pins and “pin” them to their Boards as a Catalog which links individual pins typically to the purchase page of that item. Advertising is similar to Facebook with many different variables and types of ads that can be created. While the user base is not as large as Facebook, the user is usually a strong, vetted potential client with purchase intent.

User Base:

80% of users are women. 95% of which are using Pinterest to research an item or service they intend to purchase soon. 60% of all users have purchased a “Pinned” item/service they have added to their Board Profile.


  • Brand Awareness

  • Great CPC Ads for target users based on age, gender, location and device

  • Structured to get “Repins” for Content to Create a Viral Buzz

  • Comments are not centric to Pinterest, less need to oversee daily

  • Long lasting duration. Avg. pin can be seen for 6 months, Twitter 48min, Facebook 3hrs


  • Very Specific Audience

  • Posts Have High Quality Images

  • Pins are Weighted by “Influence” and a Brand’s “Engagement”

  • Not Ideal for All Businesses – Pinterest is very much a Social & Lifestyle platform

  • Large quantities of Pins are needed to get some steam

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