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PPC / Pay-Per-Click Defined

You present advertising within the world of Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and any time a user sees and clicks on your link, you pay for that click. That is the bare bones of it. The complexity, vision and risk/reward of your content, placement and other finite details is the game we all play. That said, the ROI on it vs say print adverts and the data you can digest are miles apart. Print advertising has its place…still but PPC advertising not only can provide you a large amount of data that you never get from other methods but it also permits you to advertise to extremely specific details that any one PPC Ad can be as limited as to less than 200 potential users. That Ad has a very small reach but the success rate skyrockets based on what you are selling paired to ideal potential users. Another reason Business leans toward PPC is that Search Engines like Google and Bing give businesses’ a chance to run an ad that appear at the very top of the results list when people search for a keyword, it’s basically an SEO shortcut.

The Bidding War

Now while it sounds fantastic to be able to advertise to potential clients within a 3 mile radius that have searched for your Wedding services, you have competition. Bidding is part of your advertising. Are you willing to pay for a search query from a user that searches “Wedding Photographer”? Well even if you are trying to reach a small circle around you, that phrase “Wedding Photographer” is such a widely used search query that you may end up paying $32 per user click whereas being more creative and less costly phrases like “Bergen County Wedding Photographers” may have far less an amount of search queries but only cost you $2.25 per click and give you a better ROI from those clicks. A see-saw balance game of determining what, if not both, works best for you and your budget.

Or maybe you prefer CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), not always the ideal choice but this premise may work for someone who is looking for spreading the word by Brand awareness. Here you do not pay per click but rather you pay per impression or view. So while your Ad will be seen typically far more often, you pay for that view. If a user clicks on it or not, let alone even notices it, you pay for that. Granted it is typically a far less cost per impression, sometimes as low as only a few nickels but you pay regardless of any interaction. In essence, if you want or feel like the notion that the more they see it, the better chance they click on it, then CPM may work for you. In some cases for a Business it may make sense to do a combination of both PPC and CPM Advertising.

Choose Your Platform

Most all prominent internet platforms offer both PPC and CPM, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on, the most popular being Google Adwords. We are proficient in all of those mentioned but also on platforms where are less thought of having PPC and CPM like Waze (GPS), Snapchat, Pinterest, Buzzfeed and others. In almost all cases, these platforms permit you to set budgets for your Daily Spend up to budgeting for an entire Advertising Campaign.

Your PPC Client Dashboard

At any point you will be able to view every detail of your Ad Campaigns. We will also send you monthly reports with information about new ideas, what is working, what is not and follow up with a phone or in-office conversation with you.

The Vitals To Any Ad

  • Campaign, Ad Set and Ads – What your entire Ad campaign is called, falling underneath The Campaign are individual Ad Set and Ads. So you may want to run a campaign based upon Holiday Wedding Services. The Campaign would be Holidays and falling underneath that would be 2 Ad Sets, one for 4th of July and one for Thanksgiving and then underneath each of those Ad Sets would be the individual Ads so you may have….
    • Holiday Wedding  > Thanksgiving > Ad 1: 4th of July and Ad 2: 4th of July Eve with each Ad targeted towards the same Audience (Target Demo) but because your price may be more on the actual Holiday vs the evening before, your “Special Price” or discount for services rendered might be different.
  • Keywords – Advertising with specific Keywords as to assist in letting the platform know where and when to advertise. In the above example you may want to include the Keyword phrase “4th of July Party”.
  • Ad Text – The small blurb below your ad. Just putting the phrase “Sign Up Now!” will not work. The Ad Text needs to be relatable to the Ad, you have several words you can place in these Ads. Be specific to the Ad. Platforms like Google have extremely sophisticated Algorithms that can detect false advertising and will either decline or remove your Ad.
  • Landing Page – Sure data is great. We can tell you all the numbers in the world but if the phone does not ring, what does that actually mean? Not that much. It gives us ideas of how to adjust of course but having a Landing Page with Keyword copy related to the Ad and a “CTA” Call To Action will give you the bottom line number. A user sees your ad, clicks on it, provides the information you request via a Form or a Purchase and then moves on through your website for more info. That is ideal and at optimal performance, the minimum we would want a user to experience.

Ad Fees

On average a company will spend anywhere from $1000 to $500,000 monthly on Advertising. So yes, the number is a huge broad stroke. In most cases to see a decent ROI, the minimum to spend monthly is at that $1000 mark but Global companies like Pepsi will spend a million or more monthly with Google alone….so now you know how Google basically made it to a billion dollar company!

Initial Setup Fee

We have an setup fee to research and develop your ads. That fee starts at a one time payment of $500 for the average Small Business. In most cases, this is the cost but it really is dependent on the size of your Business needs for Ad creation and research of your industry.

Monthly Maintenance Campaign Fee

Our fee is 15% of your Monthly Ad Budget or $350 per month, whichever is greater. You have a $1000 monthly budget, our fee for that month is $350. This depends a bit on how many Ads you need maintained and created. Traditionally for the minimum $1000 budget we create 2 to 3 ads geared towards 500 Keywords that we research and implement within your Ads and Landing Page copy. This also permits us to test and modify different variables and keyword trends. The minimum contract would be 3 months and ideally a 6 month contract to truly determine and see major traffic improvement and ROI.

The Advertising Internet Roadmap. It’s not easy and it is most definitely time consuming but our fee are far less than hiring a new employee who may or may not be qualified to provide you the services we can. We advise you on:

  • Your Budget – Sometimes you need not spend as much during a certain time period vs another
  • What Platforms You Want to Advertise On – (We guide you through this and make suggestions based on your Business, not all platforms are necessary to advertise on)
  • Keyword Quantity You Want to Advertise For
  • The fees associated with the Platform. You can imagine that having the same Ad on Google Adwords will cost more per click than it would on Bing simply based upon the numbers. Bing can’t charge you $12 per click like Google does for a certain search query just based upon the notion we all know that Google’s popularity is 10-fold vs Bing.
  • Your Ad is ever-changing. We monitor your Ad and suggest and make edits as needed within each month as well

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