When it comes to driving in Leads for your company, print still remains an option and sometimes even a necessity, depending on your industry and how or if you market to for your clients. Appointment / Client Meeting design overlays the sales process and also depends on many variables. Marketing material ideas and promotional marketing material will always play a role in most business industries, to what level, quantity and quality will always vary. A popular term in printed marketing material is “a throw away piece”. This refers to needing marketing material to just give out in large bulk. Doing a Trade Show there can be a lot of people coming to your booth, in most cases they are “throw away pieces” in the hopes that the ROI brings in a good percent of Leads. Other pieces, like a Presentation Folder is considered more of a “Closer Piece”. A folder has a higher per piece price but it is mostly used as a marketing piece to include when you are sitting with a client and closing the deal. The Folder will not only have any contracts but also additional marketing upsells for the the client to consider when they head home to review. Here are some possible Industry situations.


Need Lead Generating and Appointment Marketing

A Car Dealership meets with a potential buyer for a vehicle on their lot. The customary booklets / magazines for each main vehicle, a folder with paperwork that goes to a client when they purchase a vehicle, a business card for general purpose. The reason in this example is based on financials and appointments. When a client is spending anywhere from $10K to even up to $100K that entails many contracts and so on, a client would want and expect marketing material. As technology moves forward and these materials, especially contracts, move into your mobile world there still remains the good portion of people who meet with a dealership and expect something “tangible” in return outside of the actual purchase.

A Wedding Vendor requires both forms of marketing. Typically they meet with a client who may spend anywhere from $1500 for a DJ to $60K+ for a Wedding Venue. A couple likes to know they are getting something they can actually hold at your meeting, a folder even to hold any contracts needed. As far as Lead Generating material, within the Wedding industry the Wedding Expos in New Jersey especially require not only different variables and designs for marketing but also to stay within a budget yet be different. Its a challenge to market when you are attracting all different types of clients. A millennial couple may be fine with having no contract to sign with a Limo company but even at their modern age would still expect some sort of formal print folder and contract when agreeing to spending $40K for a Venue.


Lead Generation Mostly, Appointment Marketing Not So Much

Mom and Pop locations and Realtors could be benefited by providing marketing material to bring in Leads. Even a small mom and pop bagel shop could benefit from advertising in local town circulars, even mailers and local postcards and flyers.

Realtors need to literally walk the streets giving anyone who will even look at them a Business Card. They will go into towns and walk the streets leaving Door Hangers on residential door knobs. They will go to any Meet-Up to promo their service. Realtors need marketing material at any point during the day or night. However, in most cases, when it comes to appointments they typically do not much. The marketing material when they are in an Appointment is the Home/Buildig they are selling. The videos they provide online and any marketing material in printed goods are typically provided by the Realty Agency, i.e. a ReMax, Weichert, etc.

Appointments Mostly, Lead Generation Not So Much

In the case of needing marketing material when you meet with a client but not as much to gain lead generating clients works well in the case of a business who is primarily marketing online. Our very own company’s Web Design, SEO and Social Media divisions where we drive our Lead Generation via Digital Marketing nearly 100%. Between Google Adwords and Social Media Ad / PPC Campaigns we are ok with having no printed marketing material. That said, once a Lead comes in, we think it is still important to have some sort of printed marketing material when a company meets with us and is willing to spend several thousands a month in a long-term contract.



We provide both print and design for your project. From Business Card to Full Trade Expos. We provide custom design, get it approved by you and send off to print. Our print finishes cover the entire spectrum from traditional finishes and sizes to custom dye cuts, silk lamination, foil, spot-uv, metal and much more.

Postcards, Brochures, Booklets, Magazine Adverts, Trade Shows & Expos, Folders, Folder Inserts, Restaurant Menus, Envelopes & Letterhead and much more. Scroll down to view some of our portfolio for Marketing Materials our client’s use. Even if you don’t see it here, and have a specialized product, please inquire. Our portfolio showcases traditional pieces that are publicly showcased. Any sensitive, specialized items we do not provide as part of our portfolio as to be sensitive to our client’s need to keep certain items out of the limelight and may be used in-house or for client-sensitive marketing.

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