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Brand Identity

Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from those of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be but it should always take into account your target demo. You may want to have a certain color but if it is not something your ideal target client will be receptive to than that is a challenge we love – combining what you want in your brand and what your client will be receptive and/or comfortable with viewing.

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Web Development

When we meet about your website project, we go over many details through a Discovery phase to understand not only your Business but your Client. In some cases, we may already have a healthy understanding as showcased within our Verticals. With that said, we also have learned about industries through the R&D of the Discovery Phase. The tangibles are there, the intangible is our client one-to-one relationship which is the backbone of our process. Your website development will encompass many variables dependent on your needs but all will have a basic SEO groundwork, custom graphic design and a mobile-first concept based on the data that the majority of all websites are now primarily visited via a mobile device first by an 8 out of 10 mobile vs desktop visit ratio!

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SEO Services

Your website is your modern day storefront whether you have a Brick & Mortar shop or provide a service out of your home. Either way, your presence on the internet – whether a small digital footprint or large enterprise level – needs to work at an optimal level. Without having a “Keyword Rich” presence for optimal Google and other Search Engine results, it is much like having a beautiful storefront with no lights on and no front door. This is where many different variables come into play, SEO being the first and most basic concept to have within your website. From targeting locally to your clients within even a 5 mile radius to broad reaching nationally, we immerse ourselves into your client’s world to do the research so that we can target their search terms so that your business appears at their fingertips.

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the value we provide as compared to the cost associated to hiring several employees can be overwhelming for a small business to maintain – and that doesn’t include the ROI of our client care

Digital Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising with Google Adwords layered over an optimized SEO Website is a must. While the appealing thing to do is to throw money at Google Ads, it must be done with a website landing for your client that is ready to work for the experience optimal for conversion. The inner workings of Adwords and PPC overall has many layers to it and with a concentrated approach toward gaining web traffic is a recipe for success. Different than Social Media Advertising, PPC Campaigns can really be geared to drive home sales, especially for products or companies that have many SKUs in their arsenal.

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Social Media Management

Which Social Media channels are suited to your brand? Some, One…Most? We figure that out. It is important to note that not all social media platforms are created equal for your desired results but that can change. We curate a planned marketing approach to your Social Media layered over organic content and community interaction. From Facebook Audience Targeting & Relevance to YouTube Channel Pre-Rolls and the others in between, we are experts in all platforms of today’s social media and we are quietly studying the platforms that are around the corner. From Facebook Ad Campaigns that target corner to corner of small towns to large campaigns within Linkedin to lesser used platforms like Waze GPS and Amazon, we cover them all with precision for a high close rate and great “click-through rate”.

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We would love to host you at our office within Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ. Pick a time and date and come visit with us to discuss your Business needs for Web Development, Graphic Design/Print, SEO, SMO and more. If you prefer, you will be able to select a Phone Consult as well. Either way, we would love to have a conversation. Thank you in advance for considering our services. We are available for a quick call most business hour days at 732-631-4490.


Graphic Design & Print Marketing

In today’s current landscape of marketing and advertising, print must adjust. No longer is it order thousands of various print material. Because of the new wave of Social Media, print no longer monopolizes the industry of advertising. When we create print materials, we fix problems. From basics of Business Cards and Letterhead to complex multi-page catalogs and  brochures to trade expos and all the needs in between. We are not “artsy” with concerns of perfection. When we provide graphic and/or print design, our goal is for it be a professionally piece of marketing that has the goal to become a sales or advertising piece for your business. Sales is not a dirty word, it’s the word.

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