For your business, our goal is to take your current issues, problems and goals and address them with design and marketing. When we design, of course it’s for you..our client….but you will soon find out we design as much for your client as we do for you. They are what butters your bread and that is who we aim to please. Our no-nonsense, aggressive and modern approach has given us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients and those clients never leave….never. No not because of some sort of plot we have but in reality it is because we tell our clients real-world, honest as apple pie answers.


For the Marathon. Not the Sprint.
We provide design that brings your “Brand” throughout each project. Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does “branding” mean? How does it affect a small business like yours?


Print is still alive, but its different.
In today’s current landscape of marketing and advertising, print must adjust. No longer is it order thousands of various print material. Because of the new wave of Social Media, print no longer can monopolize the industry of advertising. When we create print materials, we fix problems.


My Web Designer is M.I.A. – We Know.
We know this is something many of you have experienced. Our industry is open, open to anyone who thinks using the web is second-nature to them. They provide a quick fix, put some designs together and disappear. Our web development is very transparent. We are awesome designers, we are solid programmers. We create our client websites on WordPress, just like our own site.


The Power of Experience
Screaming Lunatic Design Agency is built of off real-life experience. We are entrenched into Social Media and Google SEO. Any tweet, post, gram, snap you may have seen from us…is by us. Every search term we researched drilled down to the most mundane possibility…we’ve seen. The research we do is practical, detailed and successful….after all you found our little spot on Google 🙂



View More About Web Design

Screaming Lunatic has long been a proponent of having a website that delivers content in both text for the viewer who likes to thoroughly review websites mixed in with appealing eye candy graphics that dazzle. When we provide a web design and/or development project there are several things that we stick with it. The first is when we develop your website it will be (as ours) on the WordPress platform. WordPress permits us to provide a well balanced design with the flexibility that most clients both want and need. It lends for us to emphasize on making your websites stand out over the others because of our graphic design skills. It also and most importantly lets you stay in control. Once your website is approved and ready for launch in most cases you will need us maybe a few times per year.


We believe simple is best. The research, thought and foresight that goes behind it needs to be complex, engaging and something we submerse into so that the simple concept carries the voice of your brand as if it is spoken to every potential client by you personally.

We are located within the SCE Event Group within The Factory adjacent to a Dunkin Donuts with plenty of office lot parking. Please feel free to visit our Book An Appointment page or give us a call (732.497.0391) or email us to the right at your convenience.