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Screaming Lunatic has long been a proponent of having a website that delivers content in both text for the viewer who likes to thoroughly review websites mixed in with appealing eye candy graphics that dazzle. When we provide a web design and/or development project there are several things that we stick with it. The first is when we develop your website it will be (as ours) on the WordPress platform. WordPress permits us to provide a well balanced design with the flexibility that most clients both want and need. It lends for us to emphasize on making your websites stand out over the others because of our graphic design skills. It also and most importantly lets you stay in control. Once your website is approved and ready for launch in most cases you will need us maybe a few times per year. Also we will provide you, either in our office or via phone a 1 hour overview on the backend of your WordPress platform.


For the Marathon. Not the Sprint.
We do the research. We compare the competition. We study your potential client behaviors and buying power. We come up with a “real life” solution. As an example, everyone says you need a Blog – you don’t. What you do need is real, every-day knowledge. Think about the last time you read a website’s blog? You most likely can’t. This is just an up-sell that is often not needed. It also is not a major component in being found within Google, or other Search Engines. That said, if it makes sense to have a Blog, we will get it done and implement it, as well as, teach you how to grow it. This is just one example of our no-nonsense approach to a modern website design.


Graphic design, by designers
The problem often with Web Designers is their inability to provide graphic design. In most cases, the website is developed nicely but the image fall flat or they become stock photos often used across the web. Screaming Lunatic Design Agency is an Award Winning Design Studio. We have provided 15 years of amazing graphic, print and branding for clients throughout. We implement that into your website. The images we use are often manipulated, edited and enhanced by us before they land live on your website. Having the dual ability to provide both solid Web Development coupled with professional graphic design does end with an amazing result. We hope to do this for you as well.


Search Engine Optimization
If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? We can boast all we want about our Web Development paired with our Graphic Design skills but if nobody finds your website, does it make a “sound”? Nope. You found us, we have a one-man shop, we know how to get you found on Google, etc. What is not true is that once your website if up and running it does not end up on the first page of a Search page. It takes time, money and optimizing your website so that Google likes you and when they do, they bump you up. We will optimize your website, guide and we also can provide Google Adwords, Adsense and other Google and Search Engine services to get you up and running and going big!


The Power of Experience
Screaming Lunatic Design Agency is built of off real-life experience. We are entrenched into Social Media and Google SEO. Any tweet, post, gram, snap you may have seen from us…is by us. Every search term we researched drilled down to the most mundane possibility…we’ve seen. The research we do is practical, detailed and successful….after all you found our little spot on Google 🙂 We will create, guide and build your Facebook platform, targeted advertising, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and others that fit your industry. The ability to target your demo by age, sex, buying decisions, geography, likes and dislikes is a major advantage for today’s marketing world. One quick word of advice, if you are familiar with owning a Facebook Business page…never…ever…ever “Boost A Post”. Its throwing out money or have you not noticed that even that $20 Boosted post still hasn’t gotten you more than a few Likes and maybe 1 or 2 comments 😉


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We are located within the SCE Event Group within The Factory adjacent to a Dunkin Donuts with plenty of office lot parking. Please feel free to visit our Book An Appointment page or give us a call (732.497.0391) or email us to the right at your convenience.