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What to Expect

We believe simple is best. The research, thought and foresight that goes behind it needs to be complex, engaging and something we submerse into so that the simple concept carries the voice of your brand as if it is spoken to every potential client by you personally.

Industry Research
After the Creative Brief session we will spend time researching your industry, competitors, target markets and trends

Sketch n Scrap
Several concepts and directions created on paper for brand exploration and direction and then funneling into 2 or 3 concepts

Digital Rendering
Taking the final few sketch concepts into digital to be provided for client presentation

Initial Presentation
Designs are provided as digital mock-ups as per requested by client brief. Examples are some clients may foresee the need for branding to be provided on shirts, billboards and tablets in which case a mock-up shall be included with the raw, flat version of the concepts. Client prepares feedback.

Client provides revisions and feedback. There is always room for alternate thoughts and ideas rather than requiring a “yes” or “no” response.

Branding Supply
Designs are supplied via email and specific requests for certain file types can be provided. In most cases, included with the branding designs are versions usable for Social Media and online promotion.