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Social Media Consulting

Before we go on and explain what our Social Media services are, we would like to explain that Social Media is not like traditional marketing. If the intentions of your company or yourself is to setup a presence in the Social Media world and then let it run on “auto-pilot” or have Screaming Lunatic or another company run it for you then don’t bother. Today’s client is in charge more then ever. You would not send an outsider to a Business Mixer and this logic goes with Social Media.

The different services like Twitter, Facebook, etc can all be setup to run on auto-pilot but you will be found out. The user is educated and knows all to well what services in the Social Media world are valid and true and what are false and word gets around. For instance, users will communicate with each other and it spreads like wild fire if your Twitter account is setup to run automatically and you won’t even know it’s happening. Your business page on Facebook will have no interaction, you will not get anything on your investment to set up a Facebook page. Sure it would be nice to have 10,000 followers on Twitter but if those “followers” are all just automated accounts like the one you setup then the only purpose is to massage your own ego. You are sending out information to an empty space with no feedback or potential for true growth.

Screaming Lunatic has only about 2500 followers. We have been on Twitter since basically its inception in 2007. The 2500 followers we have grow and shrink from month to month. At times we get followers, we look who they are and if they are just accounts that have one goal in mind which is to spam and tweet out constantly then we do not follow them back. So you may see some Twitter accounts with thousands of people but pay close attention. Are they communicating back to their followers, engaging and just plain conversing? Or are they just sending out generic “tweets” about their company? Either way, our followers we have and we follow back are real people for the most part with real ideas. Be yourself, represent your brand and people will gain a trust in you. This is Social Media. If someone walks up to you and says “Hello”, you say “Hello” back.

If your intentions are to have patience, to understand you are willing to use your most important commodity…your time and are willing to interact with others even if just to communicate and not sell your services then Social Media is for you. The client or potential client may not even need your services at the moment, they may not ever need it but they may know someone who does. This is nothing revolutionary, we all know word of mouth advertising and its long history but now a company or person can’t hide behind a screen or phone number or email. Its there and its on steroids. Our Social Media consultation is a three (3) 1-hour sessions either via phone, video chat or in-person if feasible and breaks down as follows:

  • Research
    Industry research to gear your Social Media setup towards both your industry and client base you want to reach.
  • Blog
    Setup with Blogging software (Squarespace or WordPress) with Banner and Icon design, navigation and up to 5 pages.
  • Twitter
    Setup for your Twitter account, explanation of Twitter, additional applications to run Twitter efficiently, Search techniques in Twitter and basic protocol for using Twitter. Also setup for Mobile device if desired.
  • Facebook
    Implementation of your “Fan Page” for your Personal Branding and/or Business. This page runs off of your existing Facebook account. You can create this page for clients w/o the need for them to have the ability to view your personal page.
  • Foursquare & Google Places
    Setup for your business location if you have one on both services listed. Also setup on your mobile device for usage when you are out in your day to day.
  • Pinterest
    Where your potential clients are creating “Boards” with an intention to buy.
  • Suggestions for Social Media platforms that we are currently Beta Testing and once public we can implement.

Social Media Defined
Simply put, Social Media is a global cocktail party, putting people in a forum that user generated information is exchanged to share ideas, comment and in general interact via different avenues.

What is Social Media

In actuality, Social Media has been around for many years on the web. For the average internet user who has been on the web since its big boom in the early 90s, “forums” on websites were very popular. Along with Chat Rooms, mostly from the likes of Yahoo and AOL. It has not been till recent times with the explosion of Facebook and Twitter that the name “Social Media” has hit mainstream media. For most of us on the web, we have always been somewhat “social” but in the past 2 or 3 years, the term and act of “social” or “being social” on the web has reached widespread use from Grandma on Facebook to the Power User on Twitter. The accessibility and user interface has brought “being social” to everyone’s doorstep and when they leave that doorstep via mobile device, netbook and ipad. The wireless world has been a major reason for today’s explosion of Social Media as well.

With all this said, we will continue to use the phrase “Social Media” simply because it is the adopted term that mainstream has coined it but the phrase does not sit well with us. While it is a form of “socializing” its more then just “media”. Media to us is more the traditional sense in advertising, this “social media” is engagement which is far different then the point of “media”. The ROI return on this this current form “social media” may not be large immediately or even ever in a direct financial way but it can be extremely rewarding and positive and indirectly affect you financially. For us its more “Social Interaction” then “Social Media”, more like going to a Business Mixer rather then going to a Business Meeting. Its the TEAM Building workshops rather then the Corporate Pow Wow where numbers and forecasts get thrown around. Its engagement and interaction but the term “Social Media” is how it is defined so for now we’ll stick with that phrase.

Now that we have established Social Media as not something new, then why the buzz? Well, of course mobility and ability as mentioned above has made it wonderfully simple but it is also due to the Small Business Start-Up market. The amount of creativity, ingenuity and down right hard work by some companies has really been the gas to the Social Media car. Another value and under-estimated one at that for these start-ups has been patience. For instance, while Facebook has been all the buzz on the media networks over the past year or so, it is not widely known that Facebook has been around over 6 years. Originally called “thefacebook” and then in 2005 changing its name to what we know it now as “Facebook”; it has gone from a small “college only” interaction website for Harvard University, then growing to Stanford and Yale to what we know it as now, “Facebook” (for a Historical Bio on Facebook, you can view a link to an article from shown at the end of this article).

Either way, both provide an ability to interact with family and friends. Twitter however lets you interact with those outside your circle. In Facebook a user will update their page with photos, comments to and from friends and family, information to their whereabouts via “Status”, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more. While the option to have a “Fan Page”exists on Facebook for a business attached to the user, it is primarily used for the internet user who is interested in bringing their circle of friends and family a bit closer to them, granted virally.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read other user messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default, however senders can restrict message delivery to their friends list. Users may subscribe to other author tweets — this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers. As of late 2009, users can follow lists of authors instead of following individual authors. All users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, compatible external applications (such as, Twitterific, Tweetie, etc). Twitter is a free service.