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Screaming Lunatic Design Agency is here to build your brand…..for the marathon, not the sprint. We like to be disruptive, we like it even better to be a deviation from the ordinary but we leave our ego at the door. Our design goals are not for you, the client, but rather for your clients. Our methods may not always be conventional, but they will always consist of an endless work ethic, passion and client support. Whether its creating your brand from the ground up with multi-level marketing and social media to a giveaway shirt or a mailer, our goal is always to make you happy by making your clients happy.




Screaming Lunatic has long been a proponent of having a website that delivers content in both text for the viewer who likes to thoroughly review websites mixed in with appealing eye candy graphics that dazzle. When we provide a web design and/or development project there are several things that we stick with it. The first is when we develop your website it will be (as ours) on the WordPress platform. WordPress permits us to provide a well balanced design with the flexibility that most clients both want and need. It lends for us to emphasize on making your websites stand out over the others because of our graphic design skills. It also and most importantly lets you stay in control. Once your website is approved and ready for launch in most cases you will need us maybe a few times per year. The platform lets you easily maneuver through your site with ease to update pages and a very important factor in the ability to blog at your heart’s content. Included in our website packages is a one hour tutorial that we go over with you step by step showing you the entire interface of your website and where you can update it regularly. In most cases our clients contact us a few times a year for some updates in graphics to freshen up the website or because of new services. In past years when you hired a Web Designer you may need to contact them weekly and sometimes even daily but with WordPress we create your website ready for launch, show you the ropes and let you run with it. We also include SEO integration with plugins created specifically for WordPress along with keywords, titles and meta.


If your website requires sales and commerce we can also provide that through a third-party platform that we also use called Shopify (View Our Online Store). Shopify services have a monthly fee starting at $29 month which includes the hosting of your online store, ability to create, edit and do many nice things for your client to experience with the flexibility for you, like WordPress, to maintain and continue to create. We are very experienced in this platform and would also include a one hour tutorial once your online store is approved and ready to launch.


Both the WordPress and Shopify programs have mobile apps that permit you to login and update and maintain a good portion of your websites. They are both mobile friendly and will adjust your overall look based on the client viewing on their desktop, mobile device or tablet.


The usual time frame for a website design is 3 – 5 weeks which is dependent on us receiving the information required to commence and complete the project. Most website projects begin with a brainstorming conversation with us and then a follow up email sent with thoughts and ideas for a plan of action for your website layout. Once agreed upon, a contract will be provided that requires a 50% balance paid to commence your project. At that point you will receive an email with what text, images, etc are needed to begin the design and development of your site. Over the next 2 weeks there will be a give and take and sharing of ideas and edits. Once approved, balance due is needed and your website will launch live. Within 2 weeks we will provide our one hour tutorial for you to maintain your website via WordPress and Shopify if included.


Please note some websites we have developed have undergone what we call as “Client Blind”. Sometimes our clients with the power of WordPress go ahead and continue to update their website and also attempt to create graphics and so on. While we do encourage this, in some cases our screen shots that we provide you may not look similar to the client’s current website you may see today.


We know our stuff. No really, we do. In today’s Social Media and Marketing world we adapt to where are clients go. Our clients shift because their ages, preferences, marital status, income and overall life changes and we adjust. Our street cred is well known. Twitter? We have been on that since 2007. Pinterest, yeah we saw that while it was in Beta. Facebook, but of course. We have also presented at many conferences about this very topic and even had a podcast for 2+ years all about Small Business and Social Media. Simple rule: We teach and encourage but we dont “do”. Social Media is about you the client taking hold of the wheel. It’s not about setting up some profiles and spamming. If someone walked up to you and said “Hello”, you would respond back with the same politeness. Social Media has many “experts” but not many of them really understand it. With us in your corner, we will set up your profiles and go over in detail different ways to approach each platform.

What do we hear most often about Social Media? The number one comment is always something like this: “Im on Facebook and I use it a lot but I tried Twitter and after a few weeks I gave up.”. The real reason Facebook is ahead of the pack still is a simple answer; it’s easy. Imagine this: When you attend a Wedding and you know everyone. Its a friend or a family member and you know the whole table and most of the guests, you feel comfortable, right? Yes, most likely. Now go back and remember to that Wedding you went as a guest, you knew hardly anyone, it wasn’t boring but it wasn’t your comfort zone. You would sit at the table with whomever brought you there and you do what? You listen. You listen more and then you engage. The scenario of Wedding 1 where you know everyone is Facebook. The 2nd scenario where you are a guest and know very few people is Twitter. A business owner wants to push, push more and push some more by talking about what they do but listening is difficult sometimes. We teach how to listen in the business sense on Twitter and other platforms outside of Facebook. Facebook has all your friends, that’s an easy way out of saying you are doing Social well. If you want to find us, visit us on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and many others…oh and of course Facebook as well. See you at the Wedding!

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